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  1. Very interesting and informative, hopefully this will shead light giving understanding to those who might not have the right views about money.

  2. I agree with you. You need to think differently when starting to work online because if you write with negativity it will show in your writing. People can sense when they read if you’re positive or negative.
    The best way to do this is to be grateful for what has happened and appreciate those little things in life that are presented to us. Thank you for sharing I enjoy reading

  3. Hi Delyana

    What a great article some very important information there you are lucky to have that mindset at such a young age it took me a bit longer to realise my limiting beliefs around money.

    Your mindset and how you think about anything in life is very important. One of my favourite sayings is the Henry Ford quote “whether you think you can or can not, you are right”

    Well written article and very good advice, keep up the great work, looking forward to reading more from you, I love PD stuff and remember…
    Be the Best you can Be
    Crypto Dave

    1. I love that quote. I use it every time I hear someone complains that they can’t do something.

      Thanks for your comment, Dave. Stay tuned for more PD content 😉

  4. Hi Delyana,

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, and it does help when people change their minds toward money. For example, I used to have some limiting thoughts about money as the second point in your list. After changing my thought to work on something that I have passions for, I never felt like working every single day now. So, I know what you said is true, and we do have a choice to fall on the right thought about money.


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