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  1. Very good information on identifying and then eliminating beliefs that are limiting or that no longer serve. Many beliefs we had when young were put in place for safety and protection, but as an adult limit our growth and creativity. Thanks for your insights into this most valuable topic.

    1. You are right, Joseph. Some beliefs served us when we were kids, but are only limiting us now when we are grown up. One of those beliefs is ”Don’t talk to strangers!”

  2. We should take the limits off, we can only go as far as our mind will take us so let’s take the limits off and advance towards our dreams!
    Our dreams can become our reality only if we take the limits off and take action.

  3. Hi! Delyana
    I love your thoughts of positivity, you are the type of person that everybody needs. Most people have limiting beliefs and low self-esteem. Many committed suicide because of isolation, they isolate themselves from their family and loved ones. Having someone to understand and listen to is a chance of survival from that feeling of crisis.

    1. I agree with you. Unfortunately, most people commit suicide and get addictions because of a lack of connection. So the best thing we can do is to show them that someone cares about them.

  4. Hi Delyana,
    Outstanding words of Encouragement! I feel most people can benefit from boosting their confidence. So many are Depressed especially in these times we are having in 2020. It’s almost over and a New Year should bring us much better times. I like the idea of writing things down. I am a note-taker myself. I hear the accent. I study many languages. I am guessing the Accent but may be Russian but I can’t be sure. Well, This is Scotty and I wish You all the Greatness in our Affiliate Marketing Journey !……………Scotty B

  5. I love the practical way you have gone about addressing how to get rid of self limiting beliefs. Half the work is done if you can recognize that you have a self-limiting belief!

    I have a sister who just cannot go beyond step 1 of your 8 steps. Just as you think you are getting through to her and that she is coming to realize that she is the one holding herself back – she suddenly flips again and goes onto a tangent about life being so difficult. Thanks for this article. I have sent her the link to read it. Perhaps she may begin to view things differently from someone other than family..

    1. Thanks for sharing that Ceci. I really hope this article helps her. She is more likely to take action when she hears it many times from different people. Tell me how it goes or send me a private message on Instagram (@delyana.markova) and I will give you more advice 😉

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